Who is it for?

The management layer comprises 15%-20% of a typical company’s staff; this critical layer of the organization is responsible for the productivity, well-being and development of over 80% of the organization’s employees. 


Most management team members have little training in the skills needed to be successful managers. 

The Exceptional Manager Program is designed for this important management layer – including Owners/CEOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors.

How does the Owner/CEO benefit?


Investing in your management team through the Exceptional Manager Program will create a positive ripple throughout the organization. 


It will directly benefit the Owner/CEO by instilling the management team with the mindset and skills to deliver high levels of value to the organization through the effective management of the self, staff, work, and workplace.

Throughout the Program, Owners/CEOs will receive periodic updates on the progress of their team using results of participant assessments. 


This delivers insight into the issues your management team is experiencing and how the Program is impacting their daily work. 


Exceptional Manager Program

What is it?

The Exceptional Manager Program is a unique 12-month learning experience that shapes your management team into the backbone of an exceptional company.

This Program uses insightful online content and hands-on classroom activities to instill the necessary mindset and skills managers need to create high levels of value for the organization.

Our research and observation shows that managers need a significant period of time to embrace new ideas, adopt new language, and apply new skills and mindset to their daily work.  That is why our unique program spans a 12-month period.  Each class is specifically designed to engage your management team and instill skills in this critical layer of the organization.

“Our entire leadership team is now communicating more deeply about business topics we have never even discussed before. It’s helped my leadership team really step up by increasing everyone’s level of ownership thinking.


After one quarter of EMP, participants experience a 23% reduction in the frequency of challenges faced.

“The program is helping me see the business is bigger than just my department, and that I have a responsibility as a manager to think about the entire organization.


— Department Manager

The Exceptional Manager Program was developed by The ReWild Group and is based on decades of research across thousands of businesses. This multi-modal learning program ensures knowledge retention and successful application.