• Are you having to make more business-critical decisions lately?

  • Is your remote team engaged? Do they still work like the great team they were in 2019?

  • Are you feeling overworked or overwhelmed? 

  • How are your personal relationships handling the increased strains on your business? Do you even have a work/life balance anymore?

It's super simple. Whenever you have a challenge, need a sounding board, or just can't seem to focus - schedule a 15-Minute Laser Focus Session. I have a process to quickly hone in on the true issue at hand and identify the next step(s) for you to successfully navigate it. Once you complete the agreed upon step(s) you are free to schedule your next laser session.


It's really just that easy


"I was presented with a complex situation that required immediate assistance. I didn’t hesitate to call Jennifer. She made it seem effortless. She never told me what to do, she provided guidance, direction, and expertise to support the decisions I ultimately needed to make. She helped me to feel empowered after every session by taking some of the fear I was feeling out of the situation I faced. Jennifer continually elicited feedback and kept our communication open and honest. As she managed the process, she always brought me back to my goals with the end game in mind. I think it’s rare to find someone like her."
- Donna Rominiecki, Owner
Cater Nation
Owners Need Coaching Now More Than Ever
  • Make decisions confidently

  • Regain control

  • Increase your company's resiliency

  • Identify new opportunities

  • Empower and engage your team

  • Increase efficiency

  • Strengthen your client relationships

  • Successfully navigate cash flow challenges

  • Nurture your relationships outside of work

  • Sleep peacefully again

Just $997 for the year

"Jennifer is a great listener. She asks questions that make you think and isn’t shy about making suggestions, I’d gotten so caught up in moving in one direction, having Jennifer to explore things with allowed my brain to make a shift and consider options that would never have occurred to me otherwise.”

- Bekah Wright, Co-founder & Executive Director

Global Children's Campaign

Every business needs three core components to be successful and resilient: Empowered People, Simple Systems, and Predictable Profits. With all three in place, your business will not just survive and strive, it can thrive - even in today's uncertainty.​​


Hi! I'm Jennifer Perrow, founder of JRP Leadership Coaching. Over the years I have built a 7-figure IT services business and led the operations of a regional property management firm as it grew from one to five state-wide offices while more than doubling the client base. I know what it takes to build a successful company. And I know how to continue its growth through unprecedented times. 

As a certified executive coach and management team trainer, it would be my honor to help you successfully navigate the coming year and achieve your goals.

"I have worked with many coaches over the years and don’t take referrals lightly. I have referred her numerous times and she’s been very thorough, her follow-up impeccable. What I loved most about working with Jennifer was that she had me take action by asking the right questions calmly and collectively. She helped me tackle a challenge from a completely different angle than I myself had considered, lending a new skill set that helped solve problems more efficiently and expeditiously."


- Jim Roman, Speaker | Trainer | Coach

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