Future-Proof Your Kids: 2030 Careers

parentology.com, 06.03.2019

When I graduated college in the early 90’s, I was told I’d probably have seven jobs during my career (I blew past that number years ago, and am actually on my fourth career). Over the past 10 years, new stats are being buzzed: current college students will have seven different careers, and that half of them haven’t even been created yet. According to a report released by computer giant Dell, that number is closer to 85%. How can a parent help their child prepare for that?


reacHIRE's Addie Swartz Advises Women Re-Entering the Workforce

parentology.com, 05.01.2019

A cursory glance at Addie Swartz’s resume would lead many to think she’s a master at reinventing herself (baker, writer, technology, HR). Swartz will tell you she’s an entrepreneur. Spend some time speaking with her and it’s quickly obvious she’s actually a social change maker who happens to be a brilliant businesswoman and the creator of reacHIRE.



Crowdsource Your Reading List From People You Admire

Medium.com, 04.23.2019

What should you read next? Whatever books shaped the people you most admire and respect. Ryan Holiday shares how he maintains his reading list.