Remove Fear

"I was presented with a complex situation as a business owner that required immediate assistance. I didn’t hesitate to call Jennifer. She worked with me around the clock, seven days a week and was an incredibly good listener. Working on and solving my issue, she made it seem effortless. She never told me what to do, she provided guidance, direction, and expertise as an effort to support the decisions I ultimately needed to make. She helped me to feel empowered after every session by taking some of the fear I was feeling out of the situation I faced. Jennifer continually elicited feedback and kept our communication open and honest. As she managed the process, she always brought me back to my goals with the end game in mind. Jennifer is a perfect fit to be a consultant. I think it’s rare to find someone like her. "


Donna Rominiecki

Co-founder and Owner

Cater Nation

Achieve Goals

"At first I was concerned that Jennifer wasn't familiar enough with my industry to provide guidance. By working with her, Jennifer put that issue to rest very early. As a business coach, her approach is about giving you the best advice so that you’re able reach your overall objective. I appreciated her honesty and ability to listen to my concerns to help me reach my objectives. She helped me identify the important tasks of my business and delegate efficiently to my team so that I can effectively improve my client service experience, increase profits and achieve my goal of having more time outside of work. I was very happy with the help she provided."


Corey Nesmith, CDFA®, CRPC®, AAMS®

 Private Wealth Advisor |  Franchise Owner

Ameriprise Financial

Stay on Point

"I highly recommend Jennifer as a business coach. She’s been very easy to work with on our ongoing project. Everything's been phenomenal so far. She’s worked with various members of the staff, and stays in touch with me, making sure I stay on point. Jennifer has the ability to push me when I need to be pushed. She is very efficient, making very good use of her time, and is very respectful of yours. She’s called me to ask questions to see if she can take her coaching to a different level and her approach worked beautifully. She’s not just helping with the issues you directly tell her, she will make recommendations you might never think of to help you use her time and your time more efficiently. Jennifer gets the job done. Everything’s she’s done has been a great help to us."

Michael Mengdan, MPM® RMP® GRI®

Broker | President

Terra Residential Services, Inc., CRMC

Take Action

"On a scale of 1-10, Jennifer is a 15. As a business coach myself, I would highly recommend her. I have worked with many coaches over the years and don’t take referrals lightly. I have referred her numerous times and she’s been very thorough, her follow-up impeccable. What I loved most about working with Jennifer was that she had me take action by asking the right questions calmly and collectively. She helped me tackle a challenge from a completely different angle than I myself had considered, lending a new skill set that helped solve problems more efficiently and expeditiously. You would not go wrong by working with Jennifer as a business coach because of her approach, effectiveness, and experience."


Jim Roman

Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Jim Roman Online

Make a Shift

“Hiring Jennifer made a very conflicted time a very exciting one. I was struggling with a career direction decision – my instinct was saying I should step away from a company I’d founded, but did that make sense? Jennifer helped me look at what was leading me to pull away, as well as encouraged me to look at other directions/options that felt “right.” Some of those directions would never have occurred to me without her input. She even helped me empower my team to move forward without me. Jennifer is a great listener. She asks questions that make you think and isn’t shy about making suggestions, I’d gotten so caught up in moving in one direction, having Jennifer to explore things with allowed my brain to make a shift and consider options that would never have occurred to me otherwise.”


Bekah Wright

Co-founder and Executive Director

Global Children's Campaign